A bunch of new Expendables 2 set and Universal Soldier 4 promo photo’s show off Jean Cleaude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, a lot of blood

These pictures are not for the feint of heart. In fact, you may not want to look at these at all without being marred for life. A lot of new photo’s and promo images have been released for the Expendables 2 in recent weeks. I decided to spare you guys from the cartoon drawings of the characters that will probably be used in a Saturday morning cartoon but these are the actual actors posing for the actual movie.

Via: MovieWeb

These photo’s just don’t have what we expect from a film as notable as the Expendables franchise. I’m assuming and hoping,that the photo’s of JCVD, Lundgren, and Scott Adkins are all pre-photoshop and will eventually look a lot more badass after getting brushed up and placed into a background. Yes, Stallone and Lundgren are looking over dolls action figures for merchandising. One can only hope…

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  • More testosterone packed action … haha all good people will watch

  • If you did your research, instead of copying and pasting blindly from other sites, you’d know or figure out it’s from upcoming UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: A NEW DIMENSION!!!

    Internet is killing journalism and information faster and faster…

    • Thanks for the clarification and for using the internet to spread information faster and faster….

  • The excitement for this film keep growing. Have to say I am a little pissed its going to be PG-13. I like Chuck Norris and it is awesome he is involved here but why did he demand that?

    • To make sure kids can see the film without having to sneak in. It’s all about the $$$.