Michael Morbius character cast in The Amazing Spider-Man 2


I wasn’t going to post this but I will just so Ryan can’t. Former Comic Book scribe Asim Ahmad got a surge of traffic and attention to his website and twitter feed lately because he announced that he had been cast in the next Spider-Man film as a character named “Dr. Michael Morbius”.  I know some of you reading this are asking “What’s the big deal?” As cliche as this may sound at this point but it’s the name of one of Spider-Man’s villains, which just happens to be something of a vampire.


Not yet, but soon…

does this mean that Spider-Man will be taking on both a super-charged Jamie Foxx and the undead? Not likely as _ revealed that his character does appear on screen but only appears in 2 pages of the script.  The next logical question, I think, would be “What does this mean?”  It means Webb is laying the groundwork for the future by establishing characters now, similar to how Sam Raimi had Dr. Curt Conners make cameos in all his films with plans to establish him as a villain.  It makes sense, but really isn’t earth shattering news.  No, I’m more interested in the Harry Osborn factor.


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  1. This makes me very excited about the possibilities for future Spiderman movies. I love that these reboots are featuring lesser known villains, rather than relying on the popular ones. A coworker at DISH and I have been discussing the possibility of Morbius appearing in the movies. It seems like it will just be an Easter Egg for fans, but it would still be great if they had plans for him in the next movie. It’s these details that make me even more grateful that my coworker convinced me to watch the first Amazing Spiderman. I was very skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a chance and ordered it using [email protected] from DISH. I loved that with my busy schedule, it was so easy to get it delivered in the mail. I also like that if I’m feeling impatient, I can exchange the movie in the store. The first movie did such a great job of exploring a different side of the Spiderman story. I can’t wait to see where this story leads, so far it seems like the sequel will be even better than I can imagine.

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