‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ second TV spot


Shortly after the first TV spot was released for “A Good Day to Die Hard,” a second emerged. Check out this TV spot below for some more action from the upcoming film.



So what does everyone think so far? Is John McClane getting too old for this sh*t? It’s kind of cliche to have his son involved in the action and I hope they aren’t planning on passing the proverbial torch to him. I personally think the franchise peaked after “Die Hard with a Vengeance,” but that might just be me.

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4 thoughts on “‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ second TV spot

  1. I agree that Die Hard should have remained a trilogy.  They were able to pull off a fairly successful third installment, which is more than most action film franchises can say.  For me this is partly due to John McTiernan directing “Die Hard with a Vengeance”. It kinda brought a sense of closure.  These two films that follow don’t seem like they could be considered Die Hard movies.  It’s almost as if they could stand on their own as separate action films.

  2. I see where you’re coming from Ryan about McClane being a bit too old but that doesn’t bother me the most. What does slightly irritate me is how Willis has transformed the character into something that it originally wasn’t. The first three films McClane was sarcastic and very lively. He had so much spirit as it was clearly seen in the 3rd installment (mainly due to working along side Samuel L. Jackson). In Live Free or Die Hard and as it looks like in this one he much more for reserved. I just want to see the old John McClane back…cracking jokes, messing with the bad guy…

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