The Hangover 3: A glimpse of the Wolfpack back in Vegas

The Hangover 3 is well into production and has a surprising dearth of information/photos/spy-footage. Well the folks over at On Location Vacations destination have a photo and it shows that the Wolfpack return to the tables in Vegas, but admit that this photo may not be for a scene in the movie and these guys might’ve just been straight up gambling,  but it seems that “party goers” in the area are needed for a scene tomorrow:



Thank to one one of our readers, Robert, we have an exclusive pic of Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms playing blackjack at a $25 table in Caesars Palace over the weekend. Robert said it didn’t look like they were filming when he spotted them, though they had been shooting scenes around Caesars earlier in the night.

Filming continues in Vegas this week and they are looking for extras to fill a party scene tomorrow.  They are currently seeking “Party Goers: males & females, 20-39, all ethnicities, attractive, slick & upscale look.” You can find more information at


If any of you are chosen to be part of the scene I trust you will let them know that TMB sent you, right? Maybe? Well then screw you buddy.


Via: On Location Vacation



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