Bryan Singer will begin filming Days of Future past in April


Back when Matthew Vaughn was still attached as director everything was all set for a January filming start date after some back and forth over Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games obligations. Well since Vaughn dropped out of the film to keep himself open to direct Secret Service, and possibly Star Wars Episode VII, the start date has changed but the excitement remains the same.


 Well here goes. Beginning full prep on X-men Days of Future Past. Very excited!— Bryan Singer (@BryanSinger) November 8, 2012


This warms my heart as I still have fond memories of the amazing X-2 and would like to see what Singer can bring to the franchise after having some time off. That’s all for now…


Via: Movieweb

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2 thoughts on “Bryan Singer will begin filming Days of Future past in April

  1. I was really looking forward to seeing Vaughns take on this, but I dont think you can find a better replacement than Singer.  I still am really curious about the cast, will Jackman be involved at all in this or will the story use completely different characters?  What if they pull a 180 and use Magneto as the lead???  That would be cool to turn the story on its ear…

    1. @KevinC1 I prefer Singer over Vaughn as I still think First Class was incredibly overrated. Switching leads to Magneto would be cool but I get the impression its going to be McAvoy’s Xavier. I’m hoping for an amalgamation of AoA and Days of Future Past with this one.

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