Nicolas Cage in talks to star in ‘Left Behind’ series reboot


For those who haven’t seen or heard of it, the “Left Behind” films were geared towards a Christian audience with a plot centered around the rapture. They starred Kirk Cameron who is best known for the TV series “Growing Pains” and for telling everyone they’re going to hell. Now that the films may be getting a reboot, it looks like Nicolas Cage may be the leading man in the films according to Variety.


Nicolas Cage is in negotiations to topline “Left Behind,” a mainstream reboot of the Christian-themed movie trilogy that will mark the first film from Stoney Lake Entertainment, a new production company led by Paul Lalonde of faith-oriented banner Cloud Ten Pictures.

Via: Variety


So first Nicolas Cage plays “Ghost Rider,” a man who makes a deal with the devil and is possessed by a demon spirit, then he’s going on to be the lead in one of the most well known Christian based films made. I only know of the “Left Behind” series, I personally haven’t seen it, but it’s quite a change from Cage’s typical type of roles…but then again he’ll do anything now. I’m interested to see what Kirk Cameron thinks of Cage’s involvement, given that “Left Behind” is the only film he had approved of being apart of after becoming so religious. I know the series has a specific Christian audience, so it will also be interesting to see how it affects that audience having Cage tied to the film and if it will strengthen or hurt the numbers at the box office.


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