Jim Lee’s comic book cover for the Django Unchained comic

  Jim Lee is a fairly recognizable name in the world of comic books with his career being the stuff dreams are made of. Jim started as an artist, rose to prominence penciling Marvel’s then flagship X-Men comic, split off to more fame with his ownership in Image Comics, and started an illustrious career with DC comics where he climbed the ranks to c0-publisher. Downright amazing. So I’m pretty excited to learn that:   A) There’s a Django Unchained Comic B) Jim Lee is helping provide covers   It gets me in a great mood for this weekend’s New York Comic Con when I’ll get to meet Jim again and have him sign anything that allows for a signature. Check out the covers below and let me know what you think in the comments. I’m a bit disappointed that one of them is just a sketch of one of the stills we’ve already seen and the other I’m not completely convinced that is a Jim Lee:  

Via: Live For Films

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