James Gandolfini’s ZERO DARK THIRY role revealed


I’m finally starting to get into this ZERO DARK THIRTY movie with Katheryn Bigelow at the directors helm. I was behind the idea when Bin Laden was killed and it was announced that she was asked to take on the endeavor but I guess seeing the actual poster the other day made it seem all too real. Well I just got notification from the guys over at EW got the exclusive reveal as to James Gandolfini’s role in the film and I wanted to share this with you guys:


The makers of Zero Dark Thirty have been holding on to some top secret information of their own.

While most of of the ensemble cast of the Osama bin Laden takedown film is already known,The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have been keeping one important bit of casting news hush-hush for months.

James Gandolfini will appear as one of the highest-ranking government figures featured in the film — Leon Panetta, the current Secretary of Defense, who was head of the CIA when bin Laden was found and killed.


New Yorkers rejoice as Bigelow has enlisted Tony Soprano to kill Bin Laden. I like the idea and I like Gandolfini in roles that aren’t mob related. The news is pretty interesting and I’m willing to bet that he delivers a standout performance in the role. What do you guys think of the news?


Via: EW



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