TV Spot: Argo

I like Ben Affleck. He wasn’t always a popular guy to like but I’ve stuck with him through the ups and downs over the course of his career and he seems to have really hit his stride with his efforts as a director. Argo is beginning promotional efforts and the first TV spot, that I’ve seen, has hit the web.

I like this, or at least what we’ve seen thus far. I’ve already been aware of the plot and premise and just didn’t allow myself to further invest in the project until I’d seen some footage. Hell, for all I know “The Town” coulda been a fluke. This looks credible, and decent. It’s a grounded project, which is probably best for him right now, and has an old school sense of storytelling. I could be reading too much into this but that’s more credit to this TV spot… or I’m just a sucker for manly beards and/or movies that involve John Goodman. What did you think?

Via: The Film Stage

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