Bill Murray will continue the Wes Anderson bromance with The Grand Budapest Hotel


A Wes Anderson movie just isn’t a Wes Anderson film without Bill Murray. To date there is only a single Wes Anderson film that doesn’t have Murray involved which was Anderson’s very first film Bottle Rocket. Anderson’s next film will continue the Murray love and joining them will be Jude Law, Johnny Depp, and Angela Lansbury.


With the casting starting to come together, Murray has confirmed that he will be a part of Anderson’s next project, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Various reports about the film are cropping up from various sources. We knew a while ago that Anderson newbie Johnny Depp would be taking the lead role, and Jude Law told MTV that he’d be joining him at the start of this month. “I’ve been a huge fan of Wes,” Law said. “I pestered him with emails for years, saying, ‘I want to live in one of your films and I’d like to be in one of your films’. I think my role is fleeting, but I’m very excited to be a part of that Wes Anderson family.”


The expectation is that one of the Wilson’s will join for this as well. I’ve yet to personally watch Moonrise Kingdom but Kenny says very fond things about the movie and I really dug the Royal Tennenbaums so I’m willing to entertain Mr. Anderson’s latest endeavors. But seriously, is anyone at all surprised that Bill Murray is joining the cast?


Via: Empire Online



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