The next Fantastic Four film has a writer


The new Fantastic Four film looks like it is a go. After recently signing Josh Trank (Chronicle) to direct the film, a newcomer named Jeremy Slater has been giving the task of writing the script.


Fox is really hustling with its Fantastic Four reboot.
Just days after putting Chronicle director Josh Trank on the project, the studio is finalizing a deal to have Jeremy Slater write the script.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter


It seems like the comic book movie cash cow may never dry up as long as Hollywood is able to reboot film after film. Although we are hearing about multiple reboots, I think this comic book movie would benefit the most from a reboot. The Fantastic Four are probably one of the most significant teams in the Marvel universe, possibly even bigger than the Avengers based on their influence on significant events. The last two films did not do them justice in my opinion, and things need to be a little bit more “adult” and less campy. Hopefully this film will do them justice and fix the mistakes made in the previous films.

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