The Amazing Spider-Man costume: It could have been worse. Much much worse.

I’ve made no secret regarding my distaste for the costume used in The Amazing Spider-Man. I still think it was a pretty cruddy costume and left a lot to be desired but I’m developing a new found appreciation for the choice in which they made with this costume but not for the right reasons. My appreciation is mainly because all the other choices were absolutely horrendous. Let’s look at some early concept art and costume design that, thankfully, were left on the cutting room floor:



The movie seemed to put so much effort into being the antithesis of what Raimi had done that my thinking is that the studio was adamant about changing the iconic costume that George Hull created these turds to make the costume that was used seem that much better since it appears to be the closest to perfection. Thank Bob someone had sense to suspend these designs at the concept stage.


The other design concepts look amazing and I hope he’s involved with design in the sequel.


Source: Geek Tyrant

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