Marvel reveals upcoming films at Comic Con


During the 2012 San Diego Comic Con, Marvel revealed their upcoming lineup of sequels and anticipated new character films. With the revealing of this news they also showcased the logos for the films along with their titles. While some titles are apparently obvious like “Iron Man 3,” there are some that provide a little insight towards where the films’ stories will be going. Take a look at the gallery below.


Via: Empire Online


So we now have a release dates but what I found to be the most interesting was the title for the “Captain America” sequel. It is common knowledge that Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes) had signed on to appear in more films even though he died in the first “Captain America.” In the comics Bucky becomes the Winter Soldier so it seems to be pretty obvious that Sebastian Stan will be the villain in the next film. The question is how much of the film will take place during present day and how much of it will be flashbacks? Since it has been confirmed that it will take place after “The Avengers,” I am guessing that Bucky will have to have been in some sort of suspended animation.


The other title that I am stumped on is “Thor 2: The Dark World.” I did not read much Thor growing up so I only know a summation of details. The title doesn’t reveal much to me other than the fact that the battles may be taking place in another realm. I might need your help on this readers, tell us what you think!

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