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Remember that movie you like named ‘Taken’? You haven’t meta person who didn’t like the movie, remember? Taken was very impressionable and had a lot of remarkable moments throughout the film which also caught caught you off-guard as a Liam Neeson movie back then. It seemed like a perfect film with many quotables and high rewatchability you found that it was fun for what it was and had lots of closure when the credits appeared. When news hit of an announced sequel I know a lot of us were a bit surprised.


“Where do you go with the story?”



I couldn’t get the question out of my head for a long time but I wanted to give them a chance. If somehow someone thinks they can get lightning to strike the same place twice, let em try. Maybe they can defy the odds. Then the trailer hit and across the world if listening very carefully you could notice and hear a collective forehead smack across the internet. Now, we have an international trailer that wants to try to learn its lesson from the prior clip and trims some of the fat.


I’m not a fan of the recurring cartel from the last film, and I’m not much of a fan of Maggie Grace so the trailer already at two strikes as far as I’m concerned. There’s still a chance that the movie could be as fun and memorable as the last but it’s really not making a good first impression. I have my reservations but I’m gonna hold onto hope that this movie can justify it’s existence. Ya know, aside from money.


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