I don’t think I’ve seen a Bane toy this cool before


Every once in  a while I take a moment out of my incredibly busy day to check out the latest action figures available for decorative purposes. Yeah. Decorative. Anyhoo I check these things out and see what’s what and recently came across this nifty lil Bane figure that’s so painstakingly detailed and eerie that I woulda swore it was a McFarlane toy, but lo and behold it’s actually manufactured by Hot Toys.



That’s is incredibly cool. If you keep his jacket up and cover up his joints you could barely tell the difference between mini-Bane and his live action counterpart Tom Hardy. We’ve seen some really cool figures for the film so far and I love that they’ve pushed the envelope with detail and quality of these figures in recent years. Have any of the figures caught your attention lately, or am I the only grown ass kid on this site?


Via: Live For Films



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