David Slade gave up on Daredevil, should we do the same?


You know that David Slade guy was seeming ‘alright’ for a while there. Sure he had a lot of his noteriety from directing a Twilight film but he also had ’30 days of Night’ and he was all set to make a film about Daredevil. Heck he even seemed real excited about the whole thing. Hell, I was excited too especially after it was announced it would be based on the ‘Born Again’ Frank Miller story and was undergoing writes and re-writes. Everything seemed fine and well, for the time being, and then came some odd tweet from David Slade where a fan said something like “I wish the Daredevil production was moving faster” to him and he replied “me too”. That was the sign that things weren’t going ‘great’ but I held out hope for a bit. Well now they’re saying that David Slade has decided to walk away from the project and move on to TV projects instead.


…Though Fox has a director confirmed for Fantastic Four, they studio now finds themselves without a filmmaker for their reboot of Daredevil. Though 30 Days of Night and Twilight: Eclipse director David Slade was slated to be behind the camera, it sounds like his commitment to direct the pilot for theSilence of the Lambsseries adaptation “Hannibal” will keep him too busy. This is interesting because unless Fox finds a new director quickly to get the film off the ground by the fall, the rights to Daredevilwill revert back to Marvel Studios.


Good. No, Great. Let Marvel get ahold of Daredevil and make them feel silly about those Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck things that they pushed into theaters way back when. The fact that they have a movie property that would sell, a director willing to make it a reality, and arent making the extra effort to hold onto the rights is insulting to fans. They squandered it and that’s all there is to it.


Marvel, show em how it’s done!


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