Check out Thomas Jane and Ron Pearlman in this Unofficial Punisher short

Punisher hasn’t appeared in movies since 2008 after watching the below short I hope they let Jane reprise the role in a full length feature. Fair warning there will be blood.

Well I dont know about you but those 10 minutes were way way better than the abysmal 2008 film.

Thomas Jane is the Punisher.

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One thought on “Check out Thomas Jane and Ron Pearlman in this Unofficial Punisher short

  1. As someone who liked both of the Punisher films, I can tell you that I also enjoyed this. It doesn’t have me clamoring for another film by any means but it’s always nice to see an actor do something like this for the fans instead of for some kind of paycheck. In truth, this’ll probably turn out how those Mortal Kombat shorts did. If enough people watch it’ll get a film studio’s attention. I personally think Thomas Jane wants to play the Punisher again and so he put his name and talents into this.As for me, i’ll wait and see what comes of this. If it’s nothing then this was a great nostalgia trip. If we see more (as in studio interest) then I hope it would lead to other filmmakers taking to Youtube to try and convince the big film companies that there is interest and people willing to put that interest to use. Also on a side note, I am hoping that Joss Whedon could take a hint from the MK and this “unofficial” Punisher short director and get his Firefly cast back together to film a ten-twenty minute long thing. If nothing else it would make the fans happy and it would keep the Firefly/Serenity spirit alive. 

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