So this is how James Franco looks as “Oz, the Great and Powerful”

One lucky person was able to get a sneak peak at James Franco’s look for one of his upcoming films entitled “Oz, The Great and Powerful”. You remember this film, don’t you? We talked about it way back in 2011. Anyhoo, for those who don’t remember the film is a prequel to Dorothy’s adventures when looking to meet the wonderful wizard of Oz and tells the story of how the wizard actually wound up there in the first place. Mila Kunis is a wicked witch in this film and everything. We may not yet have a shot of Kunis in costume but we do have a spy-cam shot of Franco as the titular Wizard. Good stuff, I guess they’re almost ready to start churning those promotion wheels. That’s all for now…
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9 thoughts on “So this is how James Franco looks as “Oz, the Great and Powerful”

  1. Just from the short descriptions, this movie is one that seems like it could be very good.  It is a little risky to mess with characters from a classic movie like “Wizard of Oz,” but it also has a lot of potential.

  2. @AdamBritten James Franco is the man. Ad yeah I saw this earlier. Will be interested in seeing footage.

    1. @jonathan_boral I am really eager to see footage of this, as well. (But right now my head is all Pixar. Seeing #Brave tonight at midnight!)

      1. @AdamBritten nice. Are you seeing it 2D or 3D? I’m trying to catch it this weekend. @GlamandGraffiti would you be interested?

        1. @jonathan_boral 3D. I’ll let you know my thoughts. I’m equally as excited for the Monsters University preview, and the La Luna short. #Brave

        2. @AdamBritten I’m excited for the short with the winter @Disney movie wreck it Ralph. I’ve heard it takes a token from paper animation.

        3. @AdamBritten oh sweet. That’s an account I’ll have to follow. I’m really excited about this premise @wreckitralph

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