A sequel to ‘Drive’ could be coming


This may fall more into the rumor mill but the team over at The Movie Banter are speculating a possible sequel to Drive because of the recent release of a follow up book that the movie was based on.


James Sallis, who wrote the book the first movie was based on, has just released a follow-up book, Driven. And Sallis has somewhat illusively declared that Driven is indeed “in the movie pipeline.”


Now I hate to be the skeptic here but I wouldn’t count on a sequel in the works just yet. There is so much that goes into making a movie and I wouldn’t count on this being in the works until there is word from the studio. There have been so many books that have had sequels written without a film adaptation so I would take the Author’s comments with a grain of salt at this point. Also I would like to add that, in my opinion, Drive is a film that should not have a sequel. I liked the ending of the film and I think that it met its closure. Anymore follow up films would seem like Hollywood was just “milking the cow”.

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