Trailer: The Dark Knight Rises’ 3rd Trailer is now available

The new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises has been released and it looks awesome. This trailer seems to be more story driven and builds to the conflict between Bane and Batman. Take a look for yourself below.

You can really see those well placed scenes that have the Nolan signature on them. The bridge exploding looked amazing and I’m guessing and hoping that the scene is one of the scenes filmed in IMAX. We’re starting to see that Catwoman (AKA Selina Kyle) is more of an ally than a foe but I can’t really see if they’re going to explore a romantic relationship in this film at all. All I can say is WOW, I can’t wait to see this film. And to all of you naysayers out there, I’ve got four words for you, “In Nolan We Trust”.

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