Yes, this is the Movie Blog… just a NEW look


Hey guys. As you may have noticed TMB is sporting a new look! It’s been a labor of love for us over the past few weeks and it’s something we hope you guys also enjoy and warm up to moving forward. We certainly understand that the change can be a bit jarring at first and you may notice a few hiccups that need to be ironed in the coming hrs/days  and would appreciate if you guys can leave any feedback, comments, thoughts, and observations in the comments section of this post. We have a lot more big plans in the next few days including more contest, news, trailers, and practices that we plan to introduce to continue to allow the site to grow as time progresses. Please don’t hesitate to contact/comment if you guys have any questions!
— Anthony and the TMB Staff



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41 thoughts on “Yes, this is the Movie Blog… just a NEW look

  1. My opinion is that it reminds me of a cross between the old TBS Dinner & A Movie and typical Tumblr sites. I’ve never seen a tumblr design that I liked unfortunately.
    I like being able to read a little bit of an article on any news site before I click on it. Having to click on each one to read anything is a little annoying to be honest.

    1. [email protected], i love your avatar. 
      second, thanks for the feedback and we are listening and working to incorporate the feedback.

      1. [email protected]!

  2. I personally hate the comments section being livefyre. I hate that I have to go sign up for something before leaving comments.

      1. [email protected] guess I just liked the old way where I typed a comment and my info in one box. Now I feel like I’ve got to see three different windows come up with boxes I’ve got to check, more fields to fill out, etc. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way. I’ve noticed since you’ve moved to livefyre there have been less comments to read in the articles than before. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s a step back for easy us of the site.

        1. we actually get more comments now.. kinda.. for a while we had dual commenting systems with Facebook comments that was even more popular. the good thing about livefyre is that it’s a persistent login. I logged in once a few months ago and haven’t had to since.

    1. Yea I used my old AIM account that doubles as a OpenID and you use that to sign into Livefyre. It just asks you for a email address and waala no need to sign up.

  3. site looks very clean, but the logo seems off. If it needs to be a circle, why not make it into a film reel or something. And the font should be tied, in some way, to cinema to clearly indicate that this is indeed a movie blog.

  4. Hi guys,
    I don’t mind the intent of refreshing the look of the blog. I guess, how it’s executed is what’s bothering a lot of the long-time readers.  From my point of view, it now looks like a personal beauty blog, rather than a film blog. Even the new logo looks too soft, doesn’t tell me that this site is for movie aficionados. :) Hope this helps!

  5. Such a shame, it looks like a wordpress template. I understand the fad for these responsive, minimalistic designs, but I find them clinical and uninspiring. 

    1. [email protected] Jones Not a finished product, what would you like to see added or changed?

    2. [email protected] Jones might be because its a wordpress site ;-)

  6. I’m not digging the new look.  I give props for going for something new but this layout is akin to a cell phone screen shining in your face as your trying to watch a movie. It is too distracting to the content trying to be shown.
    The Layout is slightly confusing at first but  still not as smooth as the one before.
    The Movie Blog logo i think is the biggest thing that look like it is trying to be something it’s not.  It look like you guys were going for a old time movie theater feel but i think it looks too much like a hipster blog logo. In fact it reminds me of a old school dinner.

    1. [email protected] a tad confusing at first but its not finished. The “flow” will be greatly improved. 
      Thank you for the input.

    2. [email protected] CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. You my friend deserve a no-prize. 
      changed some colors. hope it reduces the requirements of sunglasses while reading for everyone ;-)

    1. [email protected], a darker option should be available.

      1. [email protected]@StevenPaluch Also reminds me of the confusing Facebook Timeline.  I want to read down, not read down and across and then get confused by a random quote.

        1. [email protected]… vertical columns rather than horizontal would improve the “flow” quite a bit.
          Me and Tony will be going over the suggestions throughout the day.

  7. So who thought it was a good idea to make the site look like a generic wordpress theme template? Heck, event the logo now basically says ‘hey, we should try to copy some new overused web style that is going around. Generic is whimiscal and cool, right?’.
    One glance at the site and nothing says ‘MOVIE’ to me, but rahter screams ‘FREE BLOG that was JUST started, perhaps about crafts or something!’

    1. [email protected]_stamp Thanks!  Feel free to suggest improvements if you have any.

      1. [email protected]’m pretty sure you’d be better off making the white template an OPTIONAL template, and have a standard template looking like the older site. Sadly people fear change. I really like it though, but it might be worth looking in to.

  8. i’ve been moving to a bunch of different blogs lately because they all keep doing this. the ‘new’ re-design just reminds me of shitty old websites from the 90s with stuff all scattered everywhere and no real organization that’s easy to read. I started reading this blog lately but I probably wont do that much anymore.  I’ve been completely out of the loop with movies lately.  pretty much since cinematical stopped.  I like headlines with a brief description, pretty much what a (the)movieblog should look like… in my opinion at least. 

    1. Thank you for the input AdamR46, now the the “bones” are up we can start improving the “flow” of the site with the help of our readers.

  9. It’s too BLARING! and does not have the warmness like the Last Look.. Guess I’ll go elsewhere after all these years…

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