Ryan Reynolds may be The Highlander

It has been reported that Ryan Reynolds is the front-runner for the next Highlander film courtesy of Variety. It is unclear whether or not an offer has been made but reports say that both sides are very interested.

Ryan Reynolds has emerged as the front-runner to topline the reboot, and though it’s unclear whether an actual offer has been made, sources tell Variety that both sides are in talks and are very interested in working together. Insiders add that Reynolds is weighing other offers and that could still pursue another project.

Via: Variety

Ryan Reynolds is becoming known for his sarcastically funny wit but how well will this work in the Highlander franchise? I know he can play serious roles but it seems as though we always see a comedic side in the roles that he plays. Even playing Hal Jordan in Green Lantern we caught brief moments of comedy that I feel were not fitting to the role of Hal Jordan. What does everyone think, can Ryan Reynolds be accepted as part of the Macleod clan?

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