Media Overload: Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Madagascar is one of my few favorite non-Pixar animated film series. Come to think of it this might be the only non-Pixar animated film series that I follow for new installments. I’ve been keeping a keen eye for the release of the third entry in the franchise and see if this will be the film in which the estranged animals ever find their way back to their hometown of New York City. This isn’t that movie. Somehow they went from New York to Madagascar to Africa and the next film has the crew finding themselves in Europe. We receieved a few new clips and super high-res photos of the cast as they attended Cannes, courtesy of Paramount, to share with you guys to give us the best look we’ve received of the film thus far.

Mad Again



I’m the Leader

Human Cannonball

Afro Circus

Source: Paramount Pictures

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