Luke Evans joins Fast 6

It looks like all the pieces are falling in place for development of ‘Fast 6’ to begin production in summer with filming expected to take place in Both London and Berlin. I’m excited, you’re excited, heck even Vin Diesal is excited. Good times. Now one more person can join in on the excitement as Luke Evans is being reported as added to the film cast as a villain in the film.

We already knew that the Justin Lin-directed Fast and Furious 6 would be taking place overseas, and Johnson recently told Steve that they’ll specifically be filming in London and Berlin.  Variety’s casting report notes that the plot involves everyone’s favorite street racing crew going across the pond to work on a heist job.  Evans’ villain role is that of the leader of another crew attempting to pull off the same job.  We previously learned that Jason Statham turned down a role in the film, so presumably he was offered this same villain that Evans will be playing.

This is pretty interesting news. I’m assuming he finished up his responsibilities for the Hobbit and will make the trip to London for production. I kinda like Evans and this seems like a film and role he can sink he teeth into.

Where is the Rock? Surely Dwayne Johnson will participate in this film as well, right? The last film indicated as much with it’s open ended ending for the character to return. Sure he’s all busy getting super buff in Pain and Gain for Michael Bay but I’m sure he can make time for this as well, right?

Source: Cinemablend

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