Trailer: Cockroaches

Greedy bordello owners, shady black market traffickers, trailer park savages, flower shop arms dealers, seasoned scam artists, and a dysfunctional family, plot, swindle and collide with each other to get what they want. All in the name of greed. And in a world where people are being drugged to have their organs taken, brutally murdered, buried alive, hung in a freezer, and fed to hyenas, they’ll need the survival skills of a cockroach.

Trailer park savages and flowershop arms dealers alongside a clear influence from films such as “Lock’Stock” and “Snatch”, what more do you need? Ill tell you what you need, finnish criminals to those of you unfamiliar with the age old struggle of good vs evil trust me finns are bad news! Aside from the pletora of odd personalities “Cockroaches” has quite the cast for an indie flick. Most should be familiar with Zach McGowan(Terminator Salvation), Tommy Lister (The Dark Knight, The Fifth Element, & Jackie Brown), Robert Miano (Donnie Brasco).

“Strictly reserver for weight-lifting beach posing…”


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