Rumor: Possible plot detail revealed in latest Avengers TV clip

A new clip for the Avengers recently aired that revealed a more in depth conversation between Loki and Tony Stark. The conversation slightly supplemented the previous “head count” clip that has been circulating for a couple weeks now, but if you are a true comic nerd (I prefer comic scholar) then you may be able to catch the possible plot detail that may have been revealed by Loki. Review the clip before reading below and see if all of you Avengers scholars can catch the detail.

Now this is CLEARLY speculation on my part but it would fit in with the original Avengers story. In the first Avengers comic the villain is Loki so regardless of what people are saying, yes Loki is an adequate force to take on the Avengers. If you know the story then you should know it is his intellect and manipulation rather than brawn that make him a formidable opponent. In the comic, Loki causes dissension among the team by manipulating the Hulk into destroying a railroad and causes the Hulk to eventually flee. In the clip you will notice that Loki arrogantly says, “I thought the beast had wandered off”, in response to Stark’s mentioning of the Hulk. I sensed that his arrogance and sarcastic tone lead us to believe that this was his doing.

If the movie is following the original comic, and with Whedon’s statements we know he is a purist, then these events could lead to a story arc that ties in a very significant Marvel character. In the second Avengers comic, the Avengers seek out the Hulk and attempt to contain him which leads to a run in with Namor and the Atlanteans. This is a Marvel milestone because it sets the course for establishing the modern Avengers team that we see in this film. I may be wrong but it would be a VERY nice addition to the movie if Namor was introduced and please remember, this is just speculation. :)


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