Promo Photos: Bane looks Badass in The Dark Knight Rises

Today we have a new image of Christopher Nolan’s adaptation of “Bane” as portrayed by Tom Hardy. The image speaks for itself and I have to admit that the character looks absolutely terrifying without even having to try very hard. Dude looks like he could beat up SUPERMAN let alone a mere human being…


I’m surprised the promo guys working on the Dark Knight Rises aren’t just laughing it up and sipping mhai thai’s at this point. What on earth makes them think that they have to do a single thing more to promote this latest film from Christopher Nolan? I seriously can’t imagine how they could possibly not have all gotten raises, better benefits, and brand new Bruce Wayne lamborghini’s from the responses to every single thing put out for this film thus far. To be fair this looks more like a promotional image from a piece of merchandise, similar to that Batman image from not too long ago, that’s tied into the film rather than an actual set production but the devil is in the details…

Source: GeekTyrant

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