MAJOR SPOILER: After credits scene revealed for The Avengers


Even though I am someone who “claims” to not like spoilers, curiosity gets to me every time and I have to look. As disappointing as it may be to go into a film knowing details, I still can’t resist. The clip below reveals the end credits scene in The Avengers and has been made available by our friends over at Worst Previews. The quality is poor but you can make out what you need to see. Take a look below.

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Via: Worst Previews
Wow, they are going the intergalactic route and doing a cameo of Thanos. Outer space is going to be tough to pull off if that’s where they’re going with the next film. I’m not saying that it can’t be done but it definitely adds difficulty to making the film feel “real” as they have been doing with other Marvel films. But then again they pulled it off with Thor and Asgard, and we did see some Easter eggs in Thor that gave a glimpse into the Thanos cameo.

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17 thoughts on “MAJOR SPOILER: After credits scene revealed for The Avengers

  1. saw the movie last nite at a press screening…WHOA!!!! Pure Awesomeness!! Was a little nervous they wouldnt be able to pull it off but….They Succeded!!!

  2. I think it’s a set up to Thor 2 which is out next year, i don’t think they would set up the avengers 2 that much in advance, there is still 3 (+) more films to go remember before it is scheduled to come out. My guess for Avengers 2 bad guy will be either Mandarin (leaking over from iron man 3) or Red Skull (leaking over from Cap 2)

  3. I know spiderman was not in the original Avengers, but he has been in latter comic book series and storys of the avengers so why not spiderman.

      1.  I dont think anyone will get removed from the next one (unless Renner has too big of a schedule for another apperance).
        I’m hoping Black Panther, Ant man, and Wasp. Maybe a space based character like Captian Marvel being involved.

        1. captain marvel is Marvel comics. DC has to call their Captain marvel shazam becouse Marvel comics holds the right to the name captain marvel

        2. Er…no. DC’s Captain Marvel is still Captain Marvel. DC just can’t put his name on the cover of the books because of legal BS. In the books, he’s still Captain Marvel.

  4. wow
    Definitely cool.
    Mind, just because it’s Thanos, it doesn’t follow that the setting will be out in space.  More likely, Thanos will come to Earth…
    Hopefully we’ll see an Adam Warlock cameo too…

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