Guy Pearce may be added to the Iron Man 3 cast list

It looks as though Iron Man 3 may have a new cast member. Guy Pearce, who is currently starring in the film Lockout is in a final discussion for playing the role of geneticist Aldrich Killian.

Guy Pearce is in final talks to join Marvel Studios and Disney’s “Iron Man 3” as the geneticist Aldrich Killian.

Production on the film begins in May, with lensing to take place around North Carolina.

Disney has skedded “Iron Man 3” for May 3, 2013.

Via: Variety

For those who don’t know, Killian was involved with creating the Extremis technology in the more recent Iron Man books/comics. There’s been discussion that this film will involve the Extremis technology but based on the role Pearce would play it looks as though the technology will at least be touched on. I have mixed feelings about involving this story arc in the film. I liked the story but Iron Man went through an assortment of armor modifications and testing before this technology even came about. I’m not going to make a judgement yet but the Extremis project would take the franchise in an entirely new direction by introducing techno-organic experimentation. In my opinion, it seems as though it would be similar to bringing the Sinestro Corp story arc into the Dark Knight franchise which would be difficult. I hope they can pull it off.


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