Sequel to Twins will be called ‘Triplets’ and add Eddie Murphy to cast!

You know I thought the idea of having a sequel to the 1988 film might be a tad too late and maybe in poor taste. Why squeeze blood out of a long dead and dry turnip? Well it seems that the folks behind the film have an interesting idea that might add something refreshing to the sequel and possibly provide us with some interesting and funny new dynamics.

Long lost brothers Julius and Vincent might be returning only to discover another sibling played by Eddie Murphy in Triplets, a sequel to Ivan Reitman’s 1988 Twins.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy are already attached to star in the follow-up to be produced by Reitman. At this early stage, no director or writers are attached yet.

Now that is interesting if true! I could certainly see Eddie Murphy giving as a welcome addition if this film comes into fruition and I’ve been pretty excited about anything he does that’s produced from last year forward (no a thousand words). The downside is that these guys are pretty up there in age and I don see Governator reflecting the embodiment of perfection anymore. I’ll keep you guys posted on details as soon as they arrive!

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5 thoughts on “Sequel to Twins will be called ‘Triplets’ and add Eddie Murphy to cast!

  1. You actually LIKE this atrocious idea?! This sounds like the dumbest movie plot idea since the last Eddie Murphy flop! He hasn’t done anything good since he voiced Donkey in the Shrek movies. I wish people would just realize that he isn’t funny anymore and stop hiring him. Also, Murphy is more than ten years younger than Arnold, who looks like he’s dying and is completely disgusting now. This plot idea needs to go into a trash can somewhere and never be thought of again as it would be a tremendous waste of money and time for everyone involved.

    1. Hahahaha sorry Anthony, I side with Emily on this one. Danny is (most of the time) funny as hell on Its always sunny but the guy has not aged well Either. This thing is going to look like a zombie flick

    2. A good script can overcome any obstacle. I think the premise has potential with enough talent invested to make it work. I think Governator and Devito look pretty old but we don’t know what is planned so I’m staying open-minded.

      Also, I enjoyed Tower Heist. Probably one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a while and I think Eddie Murphy was a huge part of the films’ success. A thousand words was filmed about 4 years ago and the studios behind that turd were only willing to release that film because of the positive criticism Murphy received in Tower Heist.

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