Russell Crowe MIGHT be Darren Aranofsky’s ‘Noah’

Some interesting news is being released explaining that ‘Black Swan’ director Darren Aranofsky might be eyeing Russell Crowe to take on the title role in his ‘Noah’ project. After gestating for a few years it seems that the famed director is now looking to fill in casting roles which includes another recognizable name as well.

Source: Deadline

Darren Aronofsky is ready to set sail on Noah, the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. I’m hearing that the Black Swan director wants Russell Crowe to play the title role in the New Regency/Paramount film.

I have also heard Aronofsky wants The Grey star Liam Neeson for another role.

You know I’ve had a mild to moderate interest in Darren Aranofsky’s next project for a while. He absolutely broke my heart when he walked away from doing the next Wolverine movie but I got over it and began to look forward to his personal project that he envisioned to make with Christian Bale. After gaining so much noteriety with ‘Black Swan’ it seemed as if that he might actually be able to get his film made with Bale and deliver something truly amazing.

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