Gran Torino writer Nick Schenk will re-write ‘Robocop for MGM

Another reboot/remake in the works is that of the beloved Robocop franchise. TMB first learned of the plan to bring this franchise back to cinemas a looooong time ago, dating as far back as March of 2008. We even even discovered a teaser poster being released in June of that year.
. The film only began to pick up steam last year when director Jose Padilha was tapped to direct the film and he began creating a ‘wish list’ of who could fill the gargantuan robotic shoes. They still haven’t decided. Aside from that we’re learning that the film is undergoing a re-write courtesy of Nick ‘Gran Torino’ Schenk.

Source: Filmonic

According to Heat Vision Gran Torino screenwriter Nick Schenk has been hired by MGM to work on the Robocop remake.

The current plan is to begin shooting in the summer, however MGM have yet to find their leading man. Director Jose Padilha (Elite Squad) said last year that he wanted Michael Fassbender for the role, but Chris Pine was also thought to be in contention at one point.

I’m excited about the movie getting a re-write and moving further along into production but I really want to focus on which actor is going to portray the robotic cop. It’s pretty damn important seeing as how whoever they choose has to convincingly act while wearing a helmet. That’s not easy. Fassbender is all over the place but I’m sure he could pull off the role well if given the opportunity. I haven’t made my mind up about Chris Pine but I refuse to attach any of these guys to this film until someone signs a binding contract. Are you guys excited for the return of the Robo?

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