Van Damme -age in Expendables 2?

Jean-Claude Van Damme turned his back on the first film, but it appears he is considering a bad guy role in the sequel to ‘The Expendables’. Movieweb gives us details:

Its being reported this afternoon that Jean-Claude Van Damme has been confirmed as one of the main villains in The Expendables 2.

This news actually came from Jean-Claude Van Damme’s longtime collaborator, Sheldon Lettich, the writer-director behind Double Impact and Lionheart, who was advised by Van Damme himself that he would be playing a villain, presumably against Bruce Willis, who has long been set to play the main villain in the movie.

Van Damme has played bad guys before early in his action film career (Black Eagle comes quickly to mind for me) and just the thought of this makes me thrilled. I don’t know if his Universal Soldier co-star Dolph Lundgren will be back, but this I do know. If Jet Li returns, I *would* like to see Li and Van Damme spar a little bit. Wouldn’t you?

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  • Mike Huncho

    Bring in Bolo Yeung, and have JCVD fight him again! A rematch from Bloodsport would be incredible!

  • Roman

    Dolph and Van Damn need to both be in this and fight it out! Also with all of the success Seagal has been having in MMA they need the master to have a battle with Chuck Norris in this movie. I can’t wait for this to drop.

    • As much as folks would love Seagal in the next film- the sad truth is it won’t happen unless one of the two happens:

      1- Seagal and producer Avi Lerner make peace

      2- Avi Lerner walks off the set (unlikely)

      But Chuck Norris needs to show up. I still hold out hope for Cythia Rothrock, Jeff Speakman or Roddy Piper…

  • That’s good that van damme’s in it but now we need more rourke!

    • Pman-67

      In the last two or three years is seems that everyone has developed mad love for Mickey Rourke. I don’t get why, everything about the dude creeps me out.

      • David Lopan

        Because he’s a fantastic actor. He older films have some outstanding performances Barfly, Angel Heart, Pope of Greenwich Village. I still feel like he was robbed of an oscar with the Wrestler. Penn was great as Harvey Milk but Rourke…The Wrestler is an emotional experience for me…such a beautiful movie.

  • I guess he realized turning down the first one might have been a mistake.This could get him back to more mainstream stuff.

  • 420BAND

    Yeah cause they are the same size LOL.

    Now get Snipes as well and we got a fun ride

    • I read recently snipes is doing time for tax evasion. It would be cool to see though.

      • 420BAND

        Free Snipes!
        Free Snipes!

    • EZELL

      Have you ever seen a Jet Li Film? When does he not fight a guy twice his size in American film.

      • 420BAND

        Exactly! it would be fun to see him fight Van Damme.

      • Li is 5’6
        Van Damme is 5’9.