The Dark Knight Rises adds Juno Temple

Haven’t had your fill of the speculation game surrounding the Dark Knight Rises? If not, here’s another helping of mystery to add to your plate as another actress has been confirmed for an unconfirmed role.

Source: Variety

SHOWBLITZ has learned that the indie darling is locked in and set to begin shooting early this summer. Not 100% certain on the role yet, but we’re hearing she’ll play a “street-smart Gotham girl,”…

Now that we have some food for thought, the speculation can begin as to how she fits in with all the other pieces to the puzzle. My wildcard guess? Oracle. Why not?

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  • obie

    surely she SCREAMS harley quinn!!!! common please please please a little link to an unseen joker in his cell… a shadow …. a voice…. a laugh…. ther HAS to be somethin !!! the whole dark knight set up the joker/batman battle to continue…. not to be the main base of the next movie but at least to have some kind of influence from inside arkham. Commmon Nolan please make it happen somehow

  • Harley!

  • Audioout

    She’ll likely be playing Holly, Catwoman’s young accomplice and longtime friend.

    look up Holly Robinson (comics) in wikipedia.

    Doubt they’ll go the prostitute route though.

    • TheSwede

      That is one good guess dude. I can totaly see this character in Nolans universe.

  • Chit_LaMarde

    I dont thnk they would use Harley Quinn without the joker .

    even thoe she realy does look like she could play the part well it wont happen

    • 420BAND

      Dont forget we still dont know who 3rd rock from the sun’s gonna play.
      I still think we’ll get a Arkham visit from Bat’s and Joker will be calling the shots from behind bars.

      If Nolan has any real ballz, this will be part 3!

      just sayin’

    • Required: Name

      Well Christopher Nolan has to answer what happened to the joker.Everyone knows he got committed.And Harley is a doctor there.If he isn’t going to recast then the joker is dead.That’s two people that would want revenge on Batman.Harley and Dr.Freeze.Maybe in Batman 4.

  • josh harris

    watch as the credits say
    “girl running through street-Juno Temple”

  • aaron

    she definitely looks like a harley quinn

  • Tycent

    another actress has been confirmed???

    Harley Quinn!

    or wait, “street-smart Gotham girl”,that sound like Stephanie Brown, or Barb Gordon, the Batgirls.

    • Sardaukar

      Stephanie Brown you say….?

      • Stephanie was The Spoiler. A self created superhero who’s purpose was to thwart her criminal father’s plans.

        She was a love interest for Robin, and briefly wore the Robin mantle while Tim Drake’s father forbid him to be a hero.

        Maybe this will hint at The Dark Knight Returns which had a young girl Robin??

  • 420BAND

    Harley Quinn!

    • rodeostud

      I hope so, Harely is my favorite character

      • bernardg

        i’m with you, she has all the look to be Harley Quinn, or maybe the current Batgirl (in comic)