The Asylum Strikes With ‘Almighty Thor’

For as cheap and cheesefest as they get, you got to give props to The Asylum. They hear of or see a big Hollywood film, say, Thor, and before you know it, they churn out a low budget flick headed right to video. Strange thing is- the Asylum trailer for ‘Almighty Thor’…isn’t that bad. It’s not great- just not horrible. Of course, ’tis only the trailer. Want to see it?MTV gives us:

Featuring a cast that includes pro wrestler Kevin Nash and actor Richard Grieco (yes, that Richard Grieco), “Almighty Thor” explores what happens when the “demon god Loki (Grieco) destroys the fortress of Valhalla and steals the Hammer of Invincibility.”

Cody Deal plays Thor in the film

Now, I’m glad to see Mummy Returns’ Patricia Valasquez getting be able to get some work in Xena-ish leather – or did the production save money by hiring her and asking that she wear her ‘Beowulf’ wardrobe from ten years ago? No, I don’t know what Thor is doing with the Uzi, and folks should not ask pointless questions like that. Still, Marvel’s Thor has nothing to worry about.

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  • RDoley

    “Strange thing is- the Asylum trailer for ‘Almighty Thor’…isn’t that bad.”

    What trailer were you watching?

  • Daniel

    Yep. They also did that Octopus vs Shark movie, Transmorphers, Da Vinci Treasure, Pirates of Treasure Island, etc.

  • Mister Mortombachman

    Is this made by the same people that released battle of los angeles the same day as battle la?

  • Terry Letourneau

    Always thought Richard Grieco was evil, and did I see Thor with an uzi? lol

  • eddie

    what channel and when???

  • Bruce

    I gotta admit… I actually enjoy these Asylum movies.

  • Lawrence

    Wonder why they timed this release now? is it to sorta like to parody Kenneth Branagh’s Thor?

    • That’s always been Asylum’s M.O.

      They latch on to what’s popular and make a low budget direct to video ripoff of the film.

      They are not made to be parody, but they are so low budget that they are pretty much a joke.