Tarantino’s Top of 2010

The folks at The Quentin Tarantino Archives are famous for posting the director’s “lists” of top movies in different categories. This week, he’s shared his top 20 films for 2010.

The Quentin Tarantino Archives shares:

1. Toy Story 3, 2. The Social Network, 3. Animal Kingdom, 4. I Am Love, 5. Tangled

If you’ve read the whole list, something you might have noticed that is interesting is that he apparently either didn’t see or he didn’t care for Inception.

Personally, I think Tarantino’s never been as great as he was making Reservoir Dogs, and he’s certainly never met greater acclaim than Pulp Fiction. I can’t help but wonder, do we really need to know his favorite movies? And do we care?

Someone must. I just wrote an article about it, huh?

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  • Hilda

    This movie is funny and mysterious always wonder what the briefcase contains and the wallet has the words Bad Mother Fucker
    embedded on them and the way they played it right into the scene was ingenious kudos for Tarantino

  • Anti-Septic

    I am not a fan of Dicaprio so I dont watch his movies period. I just dont like the guy. He may be this generations great actor, I dont buy that and think he is over-rated myself.

    So I can understand where some wouldnt include Inception in there list is what I am getting at.

  • 420BAND

    I saw inception, and really dont see how “Incredible” it was. it had some flaws like most films,was a cool time at the movies BUT I’m not going to jump on Nolan’s Bandwagon on EVERY movie he makes and act like he’s the second coming. Memento was better IMO (I know it’s a different vibe)and as desent as it was, it was far from great.

    and, I dont mind Quentin’s opinion on movies, I find it fun and interesting hearing what he has to say. He’s a Movie fan through and through like the rest of us.


    I think he tells stories in a very unique way Inglorious Bastards was a grate film. I understand if he did not like Inception I personaly think it was the best film all year by long shot have not seen fighter or True Grit. Social Network reminded me of Citizen Cane but more entreating for my generation.

  • michael

    inception has enough flaws to merit it not being included on someone’s top five without a second thought….

  • Ryan B

    I agree the list is a little absurd but to question whether or not the public cares to hear his opinion is a little hypocritical for the movie blog to say? Two posts before you have Rodney posting his Top 10 for 2010, so tell me what makes any writer for the movie blog any more credible than Tarantino?

    • knossis

      Good point! Tarantino is a proven writer and director and I disagree with Slinky in the regards to reservoir dogs being his greatest point. Reservoir was he most rawest point but Pulp Fiction is his highest with Kill Bill pulling a close second. I’am a big fan of Reservoir too, maybe the list goes something like this, Pulp,Reservoir then Kill Bill. Tarantino at his worst is still a damn good writer director and many people especially film students would be interested to see what movies catch his eye and maybe influence him creatively.

      • Yeah I agree, as a film student, its fascinating to read your favourite directors oppinions, especially one like Tarantino, who didnt really study film in college.

    • Ryan B: First, let me say, I speak for my own opinion, I am not the official opinion of The Movie Blog. I disagree with you a bit concerning the hypocrisy. The difference between Tarantino posting versus The Movie Blog is that Rodney is a critic. His role in the industry is to give his opinion on this very thing. I personally do not believe that being a creator automatically makes your opinion credible, nor does it make you an expert.

      knosis: That’s the awesome thing about movies! We all have passionate opinions about them! I personally think his best of list is Reservoir Dogs, his segment of Four Rooms, then Pulp Fiction.

      Ian: I see your point. The value lies in what it tells us about the source, not the actual opinions. He’s not on my list of favorite directors, nor that of any of the film geeks I run with, so perhaps I underestimated his popularity.

  • rodeostud

    He’s got some dumb movies on that list.

  • HDpunk

    WTF??? knight & day is in his list at number 11… knight & day! …& not inception???

    one of the worst major films i saw this last year