Superman Man of Steel Delayed to Summer 2013

While Christmas Next looked like it might bring us the new shiny rebooted Superman franchise, it appears that Man of Steel will be pushed back to Blockbuster status anticipating Superhero Summer of ’13 with Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 also announced for that season.

CBR Spinoff reports:

Warner Bros. has dropped the Krypton-sized bomb that Zack Sndyer’s Man of Steel will open on June 14, 2013, rather than in December 2012 as widely believed.

However, the official date also may lend credence to five-month-old rumors that David S. Goyer’s script has “major third-act problems,” and an unverified report from over the weekend that first Jonathan Nolan and now Snyder’s 300 collaborator Kurt Johnstad have taken stabs at rewrites.

I can deal with delays for re-writes. I have to hope for the best that the original script is just not working out and they are fixing it for the better. Just the optimist in me. Take your time if it means getting it right.

Maybe it was inevitably going to lead to a showdown with Superman lifting a giant kryptonite infused artificial island into space, and they wanted to deviate slightly from that ending.

Just sayin.

  • kiikiimii


  • Lawrence

    The delay must be about getting it right. It’s better this way rather than to rush it up and end up like the last Superman flick.

  • Kevin C

    Hopefully the rewrites arent severe and the story can be made into something decent. Rewrites always send up a red flag, but at least its not reshoots a few months before it opens. I have hope simply because of what was done with Iron Man and how good it was, and the fcat that they pretty much made it up as they were going. Hopefully Snyder is as resourcful as Favreau, they have had some pretty good writers take a stab at it so hopfully they can piece something together that gets the fans pumped for a few more films…

  • kingl

    Hopefully this rewrite has the fans in mind and not just to appease the studio heads

  • Corry

    Wait? Is Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby-daddy playing Superman?

  • cloud720

    No Harry Potter. No Batman. What Blockbuster was Warner Brothers planning for 2013?

    Its too bad we wont be getting Spider-man, The Avengers, Batman and Superman all in one year.

  • 420BAND

    To qoute C & C Music Factory : “Things that make you go ummmm!”