RUMOR: Jurassic Park reboot

There have been murmurs of a fourth entry in the Jurassic Park franchise for close to a decade now, with most suspecting that Spielberg’s upcoming TV series “Terra Nova” taking over as spiritual successor to the franchise. It seems that Sir Steven may have other plans.

Source: Jo Blo

Spielberg has been quietly meeting with writer Mark Protosevich (I AM LEGEND) to flesh out ideas on how to properly reboot the franchise. It’s unclear if what Spielberg is envisioning would be a straight reboot of the original, although that seems unlikely. Spielberg and Protosevich are currently working on ideas for a new story though Universal cautions that no writer has been hired to work on a script and the meetings are “exploratory.”

Well, it definitely clears up any lingering thoughts that a 4th movie already secretly entered production. This isn’t the exciting news that most have been hoping for but it is a silver lining in a mighty dark cloud. I’m actually thinking that a reboot of the franchise might be the best thing to do. There are many unresolved concepts that will follow a proper sequel and a clean slate might be the best way to introduce this franchise to today’s generation of audiences. I’m on the fence and will let this one simmer for a bit.

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  • Art

    bout time!! I wanna see some dinos on the big screen again!

  • DAVE

    A reboot should not happen. That’s like rebooting Star Wars or something. As for a another sequel–no thanks to that as well. Part two and three were almost unwatchable.

  • mich

    No reboot please, but i’ll definitely want a fourth one!!

  • 420BAND

    No Thanks, Part 4 I’ll see though (Sam and the Girl w/ Goldblum should come back) The Barbasol(red and white striped shaving cream can) can finally gets found and all hell breaks loose in the Bahamas or somethin’

  • Chit_LaMarde

    i would much rather see a fourth film than a reboot.

  • Matthew W

    The original and two sequels still stand strong visually even in today’s CGI advancements and storytelling. There is no need to EVER reboot this franchise.

  • It’s most likely not going to be a reboot if it does happen. It will simply be the 4th film and nothing more. However, I do hope that the 4th film, should it happen, gives us something other than the usual. Maybe the Loch Ness Monster / Lake Champlain creature turning out to be a Plesiasaur or something. Or such a creature “migrating” away from the lslands and causing trouble.

  • Federico

    There is no need to reboot this.

    • fritzilla

      Absolutely agree, not need for a reboot. The original will stand as a classic for a long time, much like ET and Star Wars. You don’t need a new retake on it.

      The problem with Jurassic Park is that it’s just dinosaurs. Sure we love them to death, and they were real, unlike Godzilla or King Kong, but they were also simple beasts. They are just animals in a sense. There’s no intelligence, thus any plot involves humans running away from “dumb” dinosaurs as they narrowly escape. How many movies of that can we see? Well personally, I can watch 4, 5, 6, and on. I love dinosaurs. But there is not much more that a reboot will help.

      I mean what will be in the reboot? “We have successfully brought back dinosaurs from old DNA samples, …and…ah…well… then we spliced it with human DNA, yeah, that’s the ticket, …and we made their brains 100x more powerful … yeah, and we gave them guns! Now we have an army of dinosaurs…ah… so…we can TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Muahahahahaha!”

      Nah, skip the reboot, retake, reinvention, or what ever and just give up or give us a sequel.