Review: 8213: Gacy House

Genre: Horror/Found Footage
Directed by: Anthony Fankhauser
Released: September 28, 2010 (direct to DVD)


John Wayne Gacy murdered at least 33 young men from 1972-1978 and buried 26 of them in his basement and 3 in the back yard. During the original police investigation his home was torn down whilst looking for Gacy’s victims, so in the late 70’s or the early 80’s a new home was built on the mass grave. On May 15th 2004 a group of ghost hunters entered the house on 8213 West Summerdale to search for John’s ghost, The Des Plaines Police Department found this footage.


The actors (yes they are actors) for the most part do a decent job and there are a few moments where the tension is almost good.


Where to start? The Aslyum Home Entertainment team spend so much time trying to convince the viewer that this is real footage that even before I watched it I knew it was fake. But even with their attempts at making it seem like real footage fail there are many more problems. I’ve listed 6 of the biggest ones that bothered me while I watched it.

Problem #1 On the back cover of the DVD it says that this movie contains strong sexual content and extreme violence. Now forgive me if i’m wrong but how many professional ghost hunters decided to have sex in the house that essentially was John Wayne Gacy’s?
Problem #2 Don’t have an page where I can see the actors work listed that was filmed/released after this film was supposedly shot.
Problem #3 Found Footage is not official crime scene footage, no matter what you say. Crime scene footage is typically shot by the police department after the crime has been committed, not video of the crime occurring.
Problem #4 Ghosts tend to haunt 1 or 2 things, first they haunt the place they died, second they haunt a specific person and follow that individual. Now if the production team hadn’t said this was real I could understand the change in the ghost rules but they claim its real.
Problem #5 If you say your filming at the Gacy house then actually film there, I did a quick google maps look up and the house they use is not the Gacy house, it’s not even in the same neighbourhood.
Problem #6 The house they shot in is supposed to be from the late 70’s or early 80’s but watching the movie you can tell the house they used was much older, it is designed like a very old farm house that has changed over the years. Having the entrance to the attic being in the bathroom being the most notable example. I grew up in houses that are about the age of the house they supposedly used and they don’t have you walk through rooms to get to other rooms. Like I said it looks like an old farmhouse that has been updated over the years.

Aside from those problems the actress (again all people in this are actors) who plays the psychic is just horrible. This team claims that this isn’t their first job as a ghost hunters, but they don’t seem very prepared after they set up, they leave things all over the place instead of holding on to them, they show up to the site at night instead of setting up during the day to name a few problems with the teams actions.

The FX’s are very low budget which isn’t the main problem. My issues with the FX are that they use some way to simple ones to often. The main problem is when they have doors slamming. The shots of doors slamming (there are a lot) are only showing about half the door (always the top half), which means that either someone is just out of the camera’s view or a string/rope that the camera could see did the dirty work of slamming the doors.

I could go on and on but I think you all get the point.


This is a movie that wanted to be more than it was but the team that made it didn’t know how to get it there. Sadly this film had two things going against it before I even watched it, this first is that it was made by The Asylum and second they spent to much time saying it was real footage. The best way to release a found footage film is to do what the Blair Witch movie did, release it and let the audience try and figure out if its real or not.

I give 8213: Gacy House a 3 out of 10

  • LMFAoSusie

    You dummy. Lmao. Texas Chainsaw was loosely based off of Ed Gein. WHO WAS A SERIAL KILLER IN WISCONSIN. lol please at least do your research before you go on here lying. There was no Leatherface or a cannibal family.

    • TheHorrorShow

      @LMFAoSusie I don’t recall the comment section allowing people to get flamed for their opinions. Obviously she didn’t know what she was saying but that doesn’t mean you should hop on her for it…

    • bellemont

      @LMFAoSusie Ed Gein was not a serial killer. The FBI definition of a serial killer requires the killer to have killed at least 3 people, with “cooling off” periods in between to indicate that the murders are motivationally distinct (as opposed to mass and spree murders). Ed Gein only killed two people, so he doesn’t technically qualify as a serial killer. Just saying.

      • babe

        Yes Ed was a serial killer, my Grandfather seen the crime scene first hand.

    • LMFAoSusie

      @TheHorrorShow  Lol that was NOT an opinion she stated. She said like it was fact.

    • LMFAoSusie

      @bellemont  Serial killing means killing multiple people. A so called ‘cool off period’ is not need to be qualified as a serial killer btw. And Ed Gein DID kill multiple women and kept their body parts as trophies. They searched his house and found 4 noses and a belt made of nipples among other things. I’m sorry, that means he killed more than 2. Am i right or am I right? Plus he wouldnt be featured on serial killer sites and documentaries if he wasn’t one. Just saying.

    • bellemont

      @LMFAoSusie  “Serial killing means killing multiple people.” – Thank you, Captain Obvious. A cooling off period IS necessary to define a serial killer because, as I previously stated, it distinguishes these killers from mass murderers. Ed Gein DID NOT kill multiple women, only TWO. The reason there were body parts of multiple women in his house was because he was a “body snatcher” – he went to the cemetery and dug up the graves of multiple women and exhumed their corpses to obtain those body parts. So, you are wrong and you are wrong. The fact that he was featured on serial killer sites and documentaries just means that there are other ignorant morons out there like you who decide to make claims without doing their research first. But at least they do not have the audacity to go around unjustifiably patronizing other people and acting like they are an expert in the field. Why don’t you go do some research or at least Google the information before you reply this time. K thanks.

  • MissChica

    Based On a true story, not real footage in the movie, they made the movie by finding real footage in the house. They wouldn’t be able to show the really footage to the public. You people are so dumb !

  • brendlinger

    you can look up the people that filmed in this movie online there all still alive and trying to act  like i said trying 

  • brendlinger

    after looking into this movie from the start is was fake on the walls of the home that they used there was a few family pics of the people the owned the home the house there were using was not even the Wayne gacy not even in the same area and for real you this movies was to put some hot girls on tv so they can get the start of fame thats all this movie was plane a simple 

  • helen

    It was a fictional ‘found footage’ film – based on an evil fuck! These films are ten-a-penny now. Personally I wish I hadn’t watched it (felt a bit uncomfortable about the young guys autopsy report!)I’d rather it had been about a fictional serial killer.

  • Dan

    I can explain the autopsy reports…..THEY WERE FAKE!!!!! Have you ever seen a real autopsy report? A real one looks nothing like the ones in the movie. I liked the movie but come on people use your brain a little bit sometimes. If this would have really happened at THE GACY HOUSE of all places it would have been all over the news. ITS JUST A MOVIE!! Just like paranormal activity and blair witch. Use your heads sometimes people!!

  • Meagah

    HOw can you say that the movie was fake when at the end there were autospy reports of the people that were in the movie. Even though they might of been acters in the movie but what happened to the people that were actually there. can you explain how they all died.

  • Naigee

    Terrible acting.. They made it not believable at all… Movie just sucked all together
    Paranormal entity was way better n my opinion

  • ABBegley

    I just watched this movie and it’s no doubt fake just look at the scars on the girl
    They look fake and the van scene were the girl gets taken I thought isn’t the house
    Sapost to be haunted and not the front yard. And the young guy performed the best out
    Of all the actors he acted like the stuff was really happening but it all ended when
    He floated up in the air and had his pants ripped off and uasslly when someones
    Raped there undergarments ripped off too even if the young guy was handsome

  • Scott

    @ Rodney: I agree with Chad in that you were harsh on this film. For one thing, I think you were a bit confused maybe because some of the problems you listed were not problems at all. For instance, problems 2 & 3 in particular. To me they make perfect sense.

    In problem 2 you complain that there is no IMDB page for you to look at to see the actors experience and backgrounds. This was likely to have been the strategy of Global Asylum all along. They don’t want people to be able to go to a web page and easily confirm that the film was shot with actors and not real. Once a person confirms 100% that a film like this is fake, it takes all the creepiness away. That’s also probably why there were no credits at the end of the film. I can remember back to the first time I watched the Blair Witch Project at the theater. By the end of the movie, I was struggling with myself trying to determine if it could possibly be real or not. Part of me was saying “no way” but there was another part of me that was still intrigued. But once the credits began to roll, my questions were immediately answered.

    In problem 3, you stated that found footage was NOT official crime scene footage. Yes, normally the official crime scene footage is shot by the police during their investigation, however with this footage being found where the crimes took place, and alongside the six bodies, it becomes evidence and can be submitted and used as official crime scene footage.

    Overall, I think Global Asylum did a fantastic job considering the actors were obviously inexperienced. But they just couldn’t use experienced actors because some viewers would have seen them before and that would immediately give away the fact that it was indeed a scripted movie.

    I do admit that I was rather suspicious about the validity of the film being real footage or not because it looked as if they were trying to act in several parts but I still had that little sense of wonder in the back of my mind. When the end came and there were no credits, I was stunned. That made me wonder enough to get on the internet and confirm if it was faked footage or not. That’s how I ended up here.

    I do thank you Rodney for your critique of the film even though I didn’t agree with a lot of your points. It’s all a matter of personal opinion and preferences anyway. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Thanks!