No Joseph Gordon-Levitt in G.I. Joe 2

The JGL, (that’s what I call him now), has been in high demand recently. One of the movies he made prior to his newfound demand was G.I. Joe back in 2008. That movie had some moderate success, and even managed to find a green light for a sequel so one would assume that JGL would be considered for a return seeing as he’s all popular now, right? While promoting his current new movie, Hesher, he answered that very question. No.

Collider says:

During my interview with Gordon-Levitt earlier today, we discussed how he got involved in Hesher and how he prepared for the role, will he return as Cobra Commander in the sequel to G.I. Joe (he won’t), he talks about Rian Johnson’s Looper, how can he top his amazing monologue on Saturday Night Live, what’s his karaoke song, and he provides an interesting comparison/contrast between Christopher Nolan and Hesher’s writer/director Spencer Susser.

No? NO?! Since when do actors use that word when asked if they’re returning to a film. No? Seriously?!!? I mean, they stated that only a few people would be returning for a sequel but I really thought Cobra Commander was kind of a no-brainer thing to bring back. I haven’t been doing too good with “no-brainers” thing today so I think I’m going to sit in a corner and re-think everything I know, and maybe I can figure out how people come to these decisions.

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  • heyshenanigans

    Cobra Commander isn’t supposed to have a visible face. You can get practically anyone to play him, now that his character has been established in the first film.

  • 420BAND

    Good for him, it would be a step back IMO and that version of Cobra Commander was insulting to the loyal watchers of the old cartoon T.V. show.

    the movie cobra looked like an extra from “The League of Extrordinary Gentleman” movie (not a good thing)

  • Xilpaxim

    I honestly really enjoyed GI Joe. Well, except for the tacked on ending. The whole Magneto type prison was incredibly stupid. He should have escaped somehow, and then did some sort of Darth Vader at the end of Ep III where he is rebuilt into the mask. THat would have been a fantastic ending.

    Otherwise, it was silly fun. And they definitely don’t need him in the second one, though you can make a GI Joe movie without Cobra Commander, he was actually out of the picture for a while way back in the original series, I think somewhere between issues 50 and 70, I think.

  • Kimball

    I think it’s just because he realized what a piece of garbage the first one was and wants to distance himself as far from the second as possible. He’s done some other great movies and has some more good ones lined up. I am not at all surprised that he’s not doing GI Joe 2–I wouldn’t if I were him.

  • “no” meaning:

    1) JGL is involved in other projects, one of them being Dark Knight Rises. His schedule may conflict with the schedule of GI Joe 2.

    2) He may not have that much interest in reprising Cobra Commander and/or thought the previous film was garbage. (Hmmm…wonder why he might think that…)

    3) Cobra Commander might not be in the picture at all.

    4) They didn’t call him. They want someone with a cheaper salary.

    5) The script for 2 is as shite as the first and while it may be fun, it’s still a piece of…

    Well, take your pick.

    • Cyndaquil

      Can you do gi joe without cobra commander?

      It says right in the cartoons intro that gi joe exists to defend freedom against cobra.

  • m@tt

    They really don’t need him back. All he does is hide behind that mask anyways. That can get a much cheaper actor to do the same role.