Newest Green Lantern trailer

Every time I see new footage I get a bit more excited for this movie. It’s not that it’s the best looking Comic movie of the summer, no that title was just clinched elsewhere, it’s that the movie actually does seem like a “Green Lantern” movie. Watch and see:


Ya see? The Corps! I’m a pretty big Green Lantern fan these days, (thank Blackest Night), and the only thing they could have added was maybe a Jon Stewart or Guy Gardner cameo and I’d be convinced I was reading a comic brought to life that somehow turned Hal Jordan into Wade Wilson. Seriously, aside from my reservations about Ryan Reynolds in the title role, everything else about this movie is looking a lot better in this last clip.

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  • CLOUD720

    I am sorry, but there is nothing they can to to advertise this movie to get the stink of that first trailer off. Maybe it will be good, but I dont have much hope.

    • 420BAND

      Yeah right? You can shower it in tomato juice and the “skunk” stench wont go away.

      I will say this though, The trailers that are in HD(latest ones)make the graphics look alot better, not the “look” of the film though

    • bernard

      …and remember what they thought on X-Men: First Class trailer & posters, it stinks! Well, the movie turn out to be the other way around. So, keep your hope alive.

      • Cloud720

        I thought the poster that wasn’t real looked a little silly. But I don’t remember seeing a bad trailer.

  • Nick

    I think you mean “clinched”

  • Tycent

    …and more, and more, and more excited