New Conan Motion Poster

The last motion poster for Conan was pretty cool, but this one takes the idea to a whole new level. Check this out:

Via: UGO

That’s pretty damn spiffy. I feel as if I can stare at this thing for hrs looking for clues of idontknowwhat. I’m not sure when movie marketing depts discovered that Flash was good for more than videos, but it’s really working to promote this particular movie for this blogger. Looking forward to seeing more footage for this one, but as it stands this movie already has a home on the ‘radar’.

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  • Geno

    Not a fan of 3d would rather watch it in 2d instead but I am looking forward to Conan. I won’t be surprised that in the near future we will see interactive Posters placed at the theatre instead of old posters. Have a few LCD/ LED screens placed around the wals with changing posters every half hour or so.

  • Anti-Septic

    I doubt I will watch Conan in 3D, the only movie I’ll see this summer in 3D is Green Lantern. Cant wait to see Conan though, also been following GOT the same as everyone else has. The warlord is always an interesting watch.

    The motion poster was pretty cool, wasnt overly excited about it though.

  • bernard

    yup, Game of Thrones really nailed his part for this Conan. He stamps the authority as a warlord.


    Hes amazing in Game of Thrones