Marvel will NOT be in SDCC’s Hall H

Recently I did a post regarding some Hollywood studios pulling out of SDCC, and there was speculation that Marvel will not have an Avengers panel or promotionals in relation to the Marvel Movie Verse. Sad news: it’s official. Marvel’s out.

Movieweb gives us the info:

The Avengers is currently filming in New Mexico, and because of this, studio leaders at both Marvel and Walt Disney Pictures decided that they weren’t equipped to meet fan expectations at this point. It was deemed detrimental to promote the film, and too costly to shut down production for a week…Walt Disney Pictures, who is producing The Avengers with Marvel Studios, is withholding its upcoming slate, which includes both John Carter and Lone Ranger.

It is a big blow, seeing how WB is also going to be AWOL and thus no Dark Knight Rises or Man Of Steel presentations of any kind (although that might rule out viral, off-campus publicty gags, like the 2008 SDCC with The Joker ‘gang’) but this means more room for Sony and thier Marvel properties: Spider-Man, Ghost Rider and MiB sequels and reboots. Plus whatever Fox and Lionsgate have. Still, with major C2F projects taking a backseat, it really speaks volumes.

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  • Vegasorbust74

    The reason the movie studios are not showing up this year to Comic-con is because they are not getting the money back on their investment and last years most hyped movies failed to live up to expectations. If you think they were going to the convention for the fans, you are dead wrong. That is why they took over someone’s “COMIC” book convention. Once the show was over they could bail out for whatever reason they wanted; the film is not ready to show, the film does not fit in to the comic book universe (what does Twilight have to do with comic books), etc… Years ago they had no problem promoting anything and everything because they got their money back from all the advertising they got from it. This is why we don’t have a real “MOVIE” convention, backed by the studios, where the filmmakers show up and celebrate their films to people who love film. The studios would have to compete for your attention, have no other choice but to show up, and would have to give something back to the fans. I am glad to see that infiltration of the movie studios in Comic-con is coming to an end. (Yes, it is the end) Let the people who love comic books have their convention back and maybe now, us film geeks can have our “REAL” convention!

    • Kope

      I’ve been going to sdcc for over 12 years and here’s what I’ve noticed. Some years the big studios all promote their movies, some years some of them take a year off. That’s it, no big deal. Marvel will be back next year or the year after. Besides, both DC and Marvel will still have huge booths where they’ll probably promote their films in some way. I remember one year where marvel didn’t even have a booth. People got all freaked out and they were back the next year. I wouldn’t be surprised if this has more to do with Disney buying Marvel and DC trying to staff a brand new west coast office. Just a thought.

  • Maybe now they will actually have more about COMICS.

    Just sayin.

    I would rather they didn’t show at all instead of rushing together something that would disappoint fans with an empty promo schedule.

    • Geno

      I agree with you there, it is called Comic-Con afterall. But I kinda wish they would at least tease us a bit with some trailer of sorts. Now do you think this will be trend that other studios will begin to follow or is this just a set back from marvel?