Isaiah Mustafa’s fake ‘Power Man’ teaser

You know sometimes actors say they want a role and sometimes an actor shows us they want a role. Mustafa must’ve reached inside his Old Spice lined pockets to finance this one, but it is a fun little video.

Via: Filmonic

You know what? That wasn’t much to watch but I actually think he sounded pretty good. Can’t say much for the glowing eyes cus I just dont remember that being a super power of the character, but it was short and sweet and mostly gave spotlight that a Power Man movie might actually be a half-decent idea. Idunno about Mustafa tho. I need to watch that Horrible Bosses movie before I have a better grasp of his potential. No Iron Fist? I think Heroes for Hire would have a much better chance of entering production than a solo Power Man movie.

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  • Roderick

    i can;t take him seriously… plus, he needs more muscles…

    • Geno

      I’m sure he can easily add on 30 lbs to fit out the character. I know he has been wanting to play Luke Cage for some time. I wonder if they would do it hokey like Black Dynamite? Would be cool to see Iron Fist and Shang Chi as well.

      • Roderick

        plus, the whole… The world will know me… Thats not true. Isn’t Luke Cage is a very low key superhero, i think he’s like DareDevil or Green Arrow, he pretty much stays in his neighborhood.

      • Pman-67

        @ Roderick,

        Luke Cage has been a lot more main stream in the last few years. He leads one of the Avengers teams and also leads the Thunderbirds, a team made up of supervillions being forced to fight for good.

      • Tycent

        Thunderbolts, not thunderbirds XD
        I like the style of the character in the last years, is a Hero, but a street hero, dealing with junkies, and without spandex.

      • Anti-Septic

        Yea, in recent years I like Luke Cage much better, in his Power Man years with the spandex I just didnt care for the character at all.

        Right now I think Luke Cage is a hot comodity, really like him in the New Avengers series.

  • Paul

    I think you mean “Heroes For Hire”. And yes I agree with you having Cage and Iron-Fist will have my vote whatever the cast is :-)