Is Cillian Murphy in the Dark Knight Rises?

A really interesting report by the folks over at Obsessed With Film states that Dr. Jonathan Crane himself, actor Cillian Murphy, has been spotted on the set of the Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles.
Source: Obsessed With Film

Multiple news outlets are reporting that Cillian Murphy has been spotted on the set of The Dark Knight Rises in Los Angeles today, and in doing so answers one of the most frequently asked questions I keep on hearing regarding the new Batman film. YES it now indeed looks like Scarecrow is making a comeback and is terrorising Gotham again!

I’m not too sure about the “terrorizing Gotham” part as it looks like that is just speculation on the writers’ part, but the concept of seeing some of Batman’s rogues escaping Arkham Asylum during the now infamous prison riot scene is an interesting one indeed. Some think that this may allude to a reference of the Joker, but I don’t think there needs to be. The prison riot scene is an awesome opportunity to showcase Nolan’s vision of many known Batman villains even if just in a cameo or fleeting glimpse. Nolan almost completely re-invented both the Joker and Two-Face with his interpretations of the characters and I’m hoping, (*cough* desperate *cough*), that this will give us a glimpse of villains that aren’t the focul point of a film and show us how they too could be re-imagined.

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  • I am a huge fan of Cillian Murphy. I can not see any information on anywhere which says he is casted in The Dark Knight Rises. Maybe he will make some quick appearance, but I don’t think he plays any major role, why would they make it such a great secret? I don’t think so.

    Can’t wait for Misterman coming to London!!

  • Stella Y Jo

    I’m really expecting The Dark Knight Rises.. but I miss Lerger :(

  • Kevin C

    I just cant help but wonder what this film would be like if Ledger were still alive…

  • Lawrence

    Having Ra’s Al Ghul, Scarecrow and Bane as villains for The Dark Knight Rises … I think Chris Nolan is pulling out all the stops to make this the best Batman movie ever made.