Henry Cavill Superman Interview in EW

Entertainment Weekly has an interview with the new Superman Henry Cavill talking about the final test that decided how he got to be the Last Son of Krypton.

Entertainment Weekly

To become Hollywood’s new Man of Steel, Henry Cavill had to pass the Laugh Test. To wit: Could he wear the Superman suit without anyone giggling? And not just any Superman suit. To shoot his screen test last month, the 27-year-old British actor donned a replica of the costume Christopher Reeve wore in director Richard Donner’s classic 1978 film. By today’s standards, those sky blue spandex threads with the iconic S shield on the chest look dated—and hence an effective yardstick for the team now charged with making Superman fly for 21st-century moviegoers. “If you can put on that suit and pull it off,” says director Zack Snyder, “that’s an awesome achievement.”

As an assistant helped him into the suit, Cavill was feeling less than super. He certainly has the face for Superman—solid chin, defined cheekbones, piercing eyes, dark hair. He’s also 6′ 1″ and radiates intelligence, maturity, and all around good-guyness, though he’s too humble to say so himself. But Cavill worried that the rest of him wasn’t up to snuff. He had recently lost the muscle tone he gained to play a loincloth warrior in the mythic fantasy Immortals, due this November. “All I could think was, Oh, God, they’re going to look at me and go, ‘He’s not Superman. Not a chance,’ ” recalls Cavill, best known for playing Henry VIII’s buddy Charles Brandon on Showtime’s The Tudors. “The actor inside me was going, ‘You’re not ready! You’re not ready!’ ” Snyder saw something different. “He walked out and no one laughed,” says the director, a geek pop idol for his work on Dawn of the Dead, 300, and Watchmen. “Other actors put that suit on and it’s a joke, even if they’re great actors. Henry put it on, and he exuded this kind of crazy-calm confidence that just made me go, ‘Wow. Okay, this is Superman.’ ”

I would have to say that suit would be the most intimidating part of the role. Who wants to be running around in spandex tights with nothing but a cape to hide your dignity?

That’s a man of steel.

They had no doubts about his acting chops, but that final litmus test has it sold. I can’t wait to see how they play this off so that the suit doesn’t feel hokey.

In Returns, we were introduced to a world already familiar with Superman – so the suit was not as distracting, but now we are to experience the origin of the character who will be showing his persona to the world for the first time in that suit. There is a difference to be had there.

I hope they make some subtle changes to the costume, but still keep it in that style at its core.

  • A fan of DC

    I’ve watched Smallville, i read the comics. People saying they want Tom Welling are misled. Theirs a reason they didn’t show him with the suit on in the finale. He looked silly, didn’t feel like superman.

    Just because he did good in the 1 hour drama role doesn’t mean he be good as superman. He played the young clark kent fine now Superman and Reporter clark kent that’s a whole new ball game to pull off.

    And it’s a reboot i would rather have it start fresh and new. I know people are tired of reboots. But this REBOOT is need for SUPERMAN. After the big let down of the Superman Returns.

    I really hope they do a good job. MAKE HIM FIGHT DARKSEID MONGUL! PRIME! lol, but it’s reboot . . . he probably won’t fight those guys. haha.

    also i heard rumors they might use birthright plot line OMG YES! One of my favorites, i wouldn’t be surprised if they tried Earth-one either haha but i doubt it with the cast they have together

  • Mr. Wallace

    Vin Diesel as Luthur and Lindsey Lohan as his seductive girlfriend is how I would proceed. Vin would reinforce Henry as the man of steal, tought enough to protect the world. Vin would be an excellecnt choice for a villian and Lindsey Lohan might be bad enough to seduce him.

  • daniel john

    My question is why isn’t tom welling the new superman everyone wants it. I’ve been a fan of smallville since it first started and he’s an amazing actor that deserves the role of the new superman after doing 10 years on smallville and season 10 he even wears the costume and its perfect for him. Me and all my firends love smallville and just aren’t even gunna bother wasting money on watching the new superman film because tom welling isn’t in it you’ve made a massive mistake not casting him in the film and the millions of smallville fans will agree with me on this subject.

    • Because Tom Welling is THAT world’s version of Superman called THE BLUR.

      Welling ISNT Superman, and this is not a Smallville movie.

      The decade of Smallville proves that he would be the perfect choice to play Clark Kent in Smallville: The Movie. This in no way qualifies him to play the same character in a completely different and completely unrelated franchise based off of the same source material.

      Millions of Smallville fans don’t agree with you, while there are some who are under the same illusion that he should somehow be considered. I am a massive Smallville fan since the first episode, but even I can see that this would be a mistake to make Welling Superman in a non-smallville production.

      Tom Welling is Smallville, this movie is NOT Smallville. It is not a mistake to over look him for the role. He was never considered. The same way they declined to offer the job to Brandon Routh. Fans thought he “deserved” it after playing such a good Superman in a poorly recieved Superman Returns, but they couldn’t use him because this is not related at all to that franchise. Few complained about Routh’s performance when complaining about that film.

      But he was THAT Superman, and this is a new franchise unrelated to THAT Superman.

      • Kevin Dobson

        being a 35 year old superman fanatic, I must say that after watching Smallville for the last 10 years, any Superman movie without Tom as the actor will be a let down. After the season finale of Smallville it is evident that he is the best candidate for superman and for those in charge of the Superman brand who do not see that will be making a grave mistake, as was evident in the last superman movie. Mark my words, the real superman fans have spoken!

      • Its NOT a mistake. Tom Welling is Smallville’s Superman. They are not making a movie about Smallville.

        I would only agree with your sentiments if they were making a Smallville movie… which they are NOT.

        If they made Welling Superman in this film, people would be watching it thinking “Where is Queen? The Justice Society? Why is Erica Durrance not playing Lois?” None of those things are present either.

        This is not Smallville. Welling is not this Superman.