Dark Knight “Fire” Rises Viral Videos?

Okay. There’s something that’s shown up on the web the last few days that *could be* The Dark Knight Rises related as the three virals do have some kind of uprising at Arkham, where the inmates are supposedly chanting Bane’s name. However, there’s two other connections to the films as well. The big question is if they are legit or not.

Movieweb has the story:

A new Youtube channel called The Fire Rises have posted three short videos which show fires raging across Gotham City. Anthony Michael Hall appears in the final short clip as the news anchor Engel, who was originally featured in The Dark Knight. This third clip also leads to a Facebook Page containing an image of Matthew Modine as Nixon.

Not Richard Nixon, of course, but “Nixon” is allegedly a crooked politician of some sort and it loosely reminds one of the “campaign for Harvey Dent”. Also, the previous film had viral marketing as well.

I viewed the clips, to me, it’s garbled telecasts and the inmate chant.
But Gotham burns, as The League Of Shadows wanted it to…
What say you- fan made or the real deal?

***UPDATE*** Despite the ‘chant” appearing here word is getting out that these videos (especially the impressive third one) are faked due to ‘silence from WB’. The site, however, is not.

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  • Jen

    So whats the consensus? Fake? Real? Either way, a lot of work was put in, and a lot of buzz stirred up!

  • Lawrence

    Perhaps Bane is breaking out the prisoners at Arkham … just like in the comics – and pissing off Bats in the process.

    • The only problem I have with this scenerio is that Arkham was busted open once before, in Batman Begins.

      That said, show me a time when a foe of any superhero *hasn’t* made a prison or nuthouse escape…

  • I’m thinking its legit mostly because of Michael Anthony Hall (I can’t imagine fans making a viral video with a fairly large name talent in it, unless the makers of the vids actually know him).

    Also I think that if this were fake WB would have gone ballistic with infringement complaints. Movie studios are way too wound up these days over protecting their properties so I find it hard to believe that they would let this pass, unless its their own making. Silence from the WB on this has me thinking its legit and they just want to keep it hush hush.

    • Ryan

      Infringement shouldn’t be a problem here for numerous reasons, the most obvious being Michael Anthony Hall’s clip is just a couple seconds, which would be covered under fair use, IMO. I honestly don’t think WB would care, though, this is free press that fans would go gaga over whether it’s real or fake. Personally, I think it’s fake. It just doesn’t seem very Nolan-esque to me. The chanting is downright bizarre.

  • Lawrence

    I think Chris Nolan is pulling out all the stops to make this the best Batman movie ever made.

  • Looks like part of DKR viral campaign to me. The ‘home made’ effects layered over the top aside, the imagery (especially in the first clip) is pretty intense: seemingly familiar but unfamiliar. I think only a big time studio could have produced it. If it’s fake it’s a darn good fake.

  • Ben

    On the last video u can barely make out a Facebook Address. looks like its time to investigate!

    • The-Fire-Rises I think it says. Interesting.

    • I looked at the page. didn’t find anything useful. something about a clip being added at some point so I’ll keep an eye on it.

  • Don

    I just want to see Bane in action…

  • Corey

    Did the viral marketing for the Dark Knight start so early in production? I don’t remember

    • Darren J Seeley

      It started this past weekend. (Friday)

      I’m even going to UPDATE the post because I found something…interesting.

      • Bobbo

        He said TDK not DKR

  • Either Dark Knight Rises or the Arkham City game. I’m betting that it’s def 1 of the 2.

    • Id wager the movie since Michael Anthony Hall is in the third clip.

      • Michael

        I dunno, they’re saying at Superhero Hype that it’s a confirmed fake.