Charice joins Here comes the Boom

Joe Rogan Kevin James is a fairly recognizable name in the U.S. thanks to sitcoms, his funny personality, and working opposite Will Smith in the film Hitch. Today we find out who that an “internationally known” will help round out the cast in his latest flick ‘Here Comes the Boom’.

Source: TMB and PeP

Earlier today, April 6, Grace Mendoza, Charice’s manager, confirmed that her ward is currently filming for her second Hollywood film…
Charice is expected to star in this action-comedy movie that will be topbilled by Mexico-born actress Salma Hayek and comedian Kevin James.
The movie is about a music teacher (played by Kevin) who becomes a mixed martial arts fighter in order to raise money that can help save his school’s music program.
Completing the cast are Henry Winkler, Joe Rogan, Bas Rutten, Alexandra Bussel, Germaine de Leon, and Shelly Desai.

I liked Kevin James in “the King of Queens”. To this day I still catch myself saying “Hey look, Doug has a new movie coming out”. I almost always enjoy seeing Salma Hayek when she decides to appear in a film, as she’s still permanently ingrained in my brain thanks to her pole diddy bop… err performance in Dogma. Charice is not as recognizable name here in the U.S. only having a few scant appearances here and there, (including Glee), but will work opposite Kevin James in his upcoming film to help generate that exposure.

I also believe that this casting mostly seems like a move to bolster the films’ international appeal but Charice will have the opportunity to sway opinions and buck the trend of those who’ve tried before her to bring their international flair into Hollywood. I don’t yet have the utmost confidence in James as a leading man but very few movies can go wrong when including Joe Rogan. He’s the man.

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  • Fred

    Charice has not amounted to much! Her song has had no significant awards to date. Therefore, she is very insignificant! Ask any American and they know Gangnam Style better than this midget singer of yours! Lol bwahaha!

  • Oshim

    First why don’t you move out of USA and let the natives take their place…? I bet you don’t even know where you came from and who your forefather were….

  • Kris

    I’m in this movie as a “background artist” aka extra. Charice is tiny with a huge voice. Henry is a sweetheart and very kind to everyone an Tweets constantly. Selma is stunning in person. Kevin likes to goof off and tease his makeup artist. I also work with Foreign Exchange students. That’s a stereotype that Asians are quiet ! LOL
    I can tell you that Selma is very funny when she messes up her lines and snaps at the director in Spanish ! I won’t spoil the end for you :P

  • jet

    You are a delusional bigot You talked like you own this
    country (USA)