Captain America’s History on an Infographic

With Captain America storming the Boxoffice this weekend and people raving about the film (well mostly) I thought this would be an appropriate time to share this infographic that gives a little history into the source material and film history of the Star Spangled Super Soldier.

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Captain America Infographic
Via: Military VA Loan

That shares an awful lot of information all at once. Pretty impressive stuff honestly.

  • Nola, those “power ratings” were created back in the day superheroes were “realistic” men, compared to average men that scored 1 star (if I’m not mistaken).

  • M

    Good job

  • NoLa

    There’s no way those “Power Ratings” are accurate…

  • Andrew C

    Interesting stuff! Did you see the movie Rodney? If so, what’d you think?