Avengers Concept Art Character Posters… Assembled

Recently a number of character posters for The Avengers have been making their debut around the net, and each one seemed to indicate that they would connect together to reveal a panoramic view of the entire Avengers team illustrated in concept in the style of their prospective actors.

Well the character posters were collected and … assembled.

Click the banner below to enbiggenate:

Now that is an impressive display of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and worthy of my wall next to last year’s ComicCon exclusive concept art posters of Thor and Captain America!


  • Anaheim Ducks

    Looks freakin awesome I can’t wait for this movie hurry the hell up may 2012.

  • AstaretMX

    There´s no way this movie could fail, i love the concept art so far.

    Disney knows EVERYTHING about entertainment, no doubt about it, I CANT WAIT!